Pr. Chris and Family

The Pastor is the one on the upper left. The saint is his wife.



Chris is a pastor who cares deeply about rural congregations, relationships, and Christian fellowship. He was trained as a musician, artist, and a k-12 teacher. He followed God's call into ministry fifteen years ago and worked for ten years in Youth and Family ministry in the ELCA, and then served as a ministry associate for three and a half years and interim pastor for short period. He has been serving at Trinity Lutheran since his ordination in 2015. His wife Amy works as a part-time Mental Health Counselor and a full-time saint. They have three sons and a Daisy the dog, all of whom spend time at the church.

Jody mickelson


Jody takes care of administrative tasks part time for our congregation. She farms with her family and also works with Willie’s in Morris. Jody takes care of all sort of things, and even helps lead the donkey on Palm Sunday. (because it’s her donkey, Nipper, beloved by the Sunday School kids:)

Scott Estenson

Council President

Scott leads our current church council. He is passionate about sharing God’s love which he and his family do through a non-profit, Taryn’s Trail. He also loves to fly his paraglider. He works as a local entrepreneur mechanic.